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Fee Klauser - Yoga teacher

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Fee runs Prenatal, Mums and Bubs and Pelvic Floor Postnatal Yoga classes

Fee is a compassionate, non-judgemental teacher, trained in yoga psychology, she teaches mental health aware classes. Using the ancient wisdom of yoga she guides her students to a more balanced state of well-being and to help strengthen the connection/co-relationship between the mind and body. Since 2010, she is working as a Yoga teacher and since 2015 she is also involved in the Mm..Melbourne Yoga teacher training to teach the Prenatal Unit.


  • 500 hrs Hatha Yoga dial.  VIYETT Melbourne
  • Prenatal Yoga Cert. in Berlin                                                                        
  • Postnatal Yoga Cert. Bliss Baby                                                                                
  • Yin/Yang Yoga cert. Sarah Powers                                                                                
  • Yoga Anatomy Training with L.Kaminoff and A.Matthews                                                                                            
  • Meditation/Yoga Sutra Workshops                                                                          
  • Yoga Psychology Training with Michael De Manicure and Janet Lowndes

Fee first decided to become a teacher when she experienced the immense benefits of a regular yoga practice during her first pregnancy. It prepared her for the birth of her first child in the best possible way. Even though she had been practicing for a number of Years before becoming a mum, she now wanted to share these benefits with others, especially women.  

For enquiries please contact Fee via email or phone 0414 343 566