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Hahnemann Healing

Hahnemann Healing 

Hahnemann Healing is a powerful form of emotional healing.

Emotions can be stored in your body and present themselves as a physical illness or symptom. These emotions are the result of negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in your life. Hahnemann Healing provides a physical and emotional release from this.

Similar to Reiki, it is a traditional form of energetic healing. Hahnemann Healing uses only light fingertip touch to send a strong energy through the central nervous system via specific points on the body to release emotion from where it is being held. 

Each Hahnemann Healing session starts with a discussion to determine which emotions to target and release from the body through corresponding points.  The experience is deeply relaxing and gentle and the full benefit being felt during the session and in the following days.

Hahnemann healing can be used on its own or in conjunction with spiritual counselling to reduce anxiety and depression, the emotional effects of loss and grief and a range of other emotional states.


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