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Olivia White - Spiritual Counsellor & Hahnemann Healer

Olivia White Geelong Wellbeing Centre

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Olivia has a Diploma of Spiritual Counselling, is an accredited Hahnemann Healer and a qualified Parenting Coach and Relationship Counsellor.

Olivia has a honest, confidential, non-judgmental approach to counselling that will  assist you to identify the cause of your concern, where it began and why it affects you. Spiritual Counselling is aimed at establishing change.

As an accredited Hahnemann Healer Olivia draws healing energy from the spiritual levels and disperses this energy, by fingertip touch, to specific points on your body. The energy is then conducted through the central nervous system to release emotional blockages. It is a powerful form of ancient healing ideal for people who are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, dealing with past grief or struggling to heal after a medical procedure.

Parenting Counselling assists parents deal with situations that arise, regardless of their child’s age. Olivia assists parents to understand behavioural and emotional issues, from the parent and child’s perspective. Resolving the immediate issue, but also helping parents to work better with their child into the future.

Relationship Counselling from a Spiritual perspective is different to traditional counselling. Olivia assists couples experiencing difficulties or who have drifted apart to reconnect and better understand each other and the issues. This work can also help couples dealing with infidelity or sexual differences within the relationship.

Olivia also works with single people seeking a fulfilling relationship or who want to break a pattern of attracting the same type of person into their lives.

Services offered

Spiritual Counselling

  • Learn why you think, behave and feel the way you do
  • Learn who you are and your purpose in life
  • Find fulfilment, happiness and love

Hahnemann Healing 

  • Increase your energy and reduce stress
  • Release negative emotion from your body
  • Experience emotional healing

Parenting Coaching

  • Understand your child’s needs and how best to support their development
  • Learn how to address behavioural issues
  • Teach your children how to become emotionally resilient

Relationship Counselling

  • Discover if your relationship is meant to work
  • Learn how to improve your relationship
  • Find fulfilling relationship

Book now with Olivia 

0409 580 008