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Sandra Garvey | Sound Meditation Therapist | Reiki Master

Sandra - Sound Therapist

Book Appointment with Sandra 0409 572 752


  • Registered JIAS Sound Therapist
  • Reiki Master
  • Bilateral Integration Provider
  • Qualified Music Tutor
  • Practising Sound Meditation for over 12 years

Work experience

Sandra Garvey has worked with all ages and abilities including children with Special Needs (in particular Autism). Facilitating Music Therapy classes at Primary Schools, working with individuals, families and groups at Relaxation, Wellbeing and Family centres for over 12 years.


Meditation is a fantastic way to improve your wellbeing. It can increase concentration, circulation, reduce aches, pains and stress. This class is perfect for beginners or those looking for a beautiful place to enjoy a regular meditation practice. In this 1 hour meditation class you can expect to be effortlessly transported to a place of peace with the assistance of live instruments including; chimes, gongs and percussions facilitated by Sound Therapist, Gong & Reiki Master Sandra Garvey.

Call or text to book in: 0409 572 752

Mondays: 11am

Wednesdays: 6pm or 7:15pm

Duration: 1hr

Level: All levels welcome, no prior experience needed

Trial session = $15

Meditation Pass* = $50 (4 x classes)

Wear comfortable clothing.

*Meditation Passes valid for 3 months.

Sound Therapy

Be bathed in the beautiful tones of the 'Elfen Energy Chimes' (Chakraphone). Balancing Chakras and removing energy blockages, the soothing harmonics and uplifting frequencies allows you to effortlessly float into a deeply relaxed state emerging rejuvenated and re-energised.

1hr - $100

Book: 0409 572 752


Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy, Chinese call this energy 'Chi, Hindi say 'Prana' Hawaiians cal it 'Mana', a very gentle and uplifting treatment.   Reiki accelerates the body's own ability to heal itself physically, mentally and emotionally. Using various hand positions which cover the main organs and Energy Centres or Chakras.  For further information on Reiki go to:

1hr - $100

Book Appointment with Sandra 

0409 572 752