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Katina Demetriou - Founder | Reiki Master | Spiritual Healer | Life Coach

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Qualifications: Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Born in London, Katina decided to make Australia her home in 1994 after falling in love with the country's natural beauty and relaxed friendly people.
Katina's passion for natural remedies and healing was passed down to her by her mother and grandmother, Katina.  All her family chose natural therapies first to help heal medical issues where possible.
In 2001 Katina completed a ‘hands on healing’ course in London, this course changed her life and she started sharing her wonderful experience with others. Katina is a qualified Reiki Master energy healing Practitioner.
Whilst Katina worked at the Geelong University Hospital, witnessing the pressure of overworked staff and emotional pressure on families, she decided to open a Wellbeing Centre close to the hospital, where people could meditate or use other services offered to find peace and relaxation.
She has enjoyed volunteering for St. John’s Ambulance in London, the Barwon Health Foundation and Reach with the late Jimmy Stynes.
In 2013 Katina  joined the choir “Kwaya” and travelled to Uganda volunteering with the orphanages and schools, she then travelled onto Madagascar where she stayed at the Greek Orthodox Mission who run 40 orphanages.  Each morning approximately 1000 street orphans would arrive to be given a meal.
The Centre has provided complimentary massage services to staff and visitors for a gold coin donation at the Geelong University Hospital. Funds raised have been shared with the Special Care Nursery, Uganda and Madagascar.
Katina feels grateful being able to contribute and being part of the community, she thanks every one who has helped participate with fundraising over the years.
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Toni Pansino - July 2018

A reiki master, Katina provided me with great relief and clarity.  From the moment I walked in the door she made sure I was as comfortable and content as possible.  Even letting me bring my dog Spot into the healing, making me feel so much more at ease and allowing Spot to participate in the healing as well.

The healing itself was remarkable, I never thought it would be as powerful as it was.  I can't recommend Katina enough and her services.  I walked into my healing feeling so out of place, but left feeling great relief like weights have been lifted off me and I can finally think and concentrate again.

I have never felt the need to write a review on anything before, but my experience with Katina is worth sharing.  If you have a chance to meet Katina or are contemplating booking a reiki session, do it - for you.


Panayiota Karnis - November 2017
I was very fortunate to have found this tranquil beautiful place. The Reiki healing is a rejuvenating experience each and every time. Katina and all the wonderful people who work within the Geelong Wellbeing Centre are friendly and welcoming. A calm soothing energy emanates from and surrounds this Centre and all who practice within it.  I can highly recommend.
Veronica Knox - October 2017
Katina you are an extraordinary healer ; the universe blessed me the day we met, you gave me your gift of Reiki and told me you would find my birth mother who gave me up for adoption when I was 10 days old. 2 months later I spoke to my biological sister and my niece. Six months later I was in England surrounded my my brothers sisters and family. Thank you Katina I am forever grateful 🙏🏾


Maria Christie - September 2017

Katina, you bring a calm to those who need inner balance. Your spiritual qualities marry perfectly with the healing you give. I have always felt renewed, balanced and an inner connection with the 'self' after your healing; thank you. I have learnt so much from you and have grown spiritually; thank you again. For those seeking a holistic, natural and spiritual avenue for healing etc, you are simply first class, unique and very special.

Simon Lancaster - March 2017

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the Geelong Wellbeing Centre for a Reiki session. While I went in with a healthy deal of scepticism, I decided to keep an open mind about the session. I regrettably arrived late, but Katina did a great job of calming me down and getting me into the right state of mind that Reiki session requires.

Once I was lying down and comfortable, I gradually drifted into a state of physical relaxation. I was in my head for the first few minutes (as this was a new experience for me), but Katina soon managed to put me in a mental state of relaxation as well. Herein, I believe, lies the key to the success of Reiki. In my opinion, Reiki can best be described as a minimalist massage that focuses primarily of the state of consciousness rather than on the manipulation of muscles that a normal massage entails, although physical interaction is crucial to the process.

If you've ever considered Reiki but you're unsure of it's merit, I can personally say that the experience was undoubtedly a very positive one. I left the session feeling undeniably more relaxed and energised. I felt motivated to do things that I otherwise wouldn't have and I had a tangible sense of wellness and contentedness. People can argue all day about the empirical efficacy of such treatments; however, whether mystical or via placebo, my personal experience certainly had me feeling better than when I went it.

Maddie Lynch - June 2017

I can't put into words how amazing my experiences have been at the Geelong Wellbeing Cente. I have had received Reiki treatments from Katina on a number of occasions, each of which have been astounding. Katina has an intuitive nature about her, and is able to pick up on areas of my life which may need some work. After my visits to the Geelong Wellbeing centre I always feel uplifted with a new sense of direction in my life. The centre is clean and beautiful with a relaxing atmosphere which will make you want to come back again and again. Thank you for the amazing treatments, I will be back soon!

Dion Fernando - June 2016

Hi, I had a beautiful experience using the Reiki healing at the centre. I will admit I was previously dubious of the outcome, but after the healing I felt uplifted, lighter and calmer. Strange but true and all I had to do is lye there and let the healer work on me. I have had another session to clean up the residual (as you would expect after 40 years of sh*t) and I felt even more calm.  I suggest you try it if you don't feel your self, always angry, things just aren't going your way. And its private. 

Thanks Katina.

Louise Upton - June 2016

What a great way to start the weekend with a Reiki session followed by a Massage. I would highly recommend the team at the Geelong Wellbeing Centre. Looking forward to seeing them again soon.
Andrea Welch - May 2016
I have been a client at the Geelong Wellbeing Centre since 2012 (previously known as Geelong Beauty & Wellbeing Centre).

During the last three years I have experienced a number of Beauty Treatments including Remedial, Relaxation Massage and Reiki Healing. I find the therapists friendly, caring, knowledgeable and sensitive to my wellbeing.

The ambience of the Centre exudes the feeling of calmness, relaxation and healing which is intrinsic to my needs and which also helps reduce the stress in my life. I leave the Centre feeling uplifted, rejuvenated and calm.

I am extremely satisfied with my treatments and members of my family have also received therapy as a result of my recommendation.
Mathew Heggie - October 2016
Katina is one of the most kind hearted, dedicated, genuine and relaxed individuals I have ever met and the Geelong wellbeing Centre is a reflection of her .
Thank you for having a positive influence on my life.


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