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Spiritual & Healing Retreat - Mykonos, Greek Islands [TO BE ADVISED]

Join Katina Demetriou,Reiki Master & Life Coach for a Spiritual & Healing Retreat on the Greek Island of Mykonos. For more details



Joi Rychelle


I had the magnificent pleasure of traveling to Greece on a spiritual retreat hosted by Geelong Well-being Centre. What a trip! One experience in life I’ll always remember as being there and cared for by the owner, Katina allowed me to shed and come into a deep healing! Katina is a powerful Reiki Master/Healer and my sessions with her on that trip were very deep and very healing as I often fell into a deep deep sleep while she was working on me. I returned to New York from that retreat feeling refreshed, connected and like a new woman. Looking forward to attending the retreat again and traveling to Australia to visit Geelong Welling Centre. There’s something special about it all! Namaste.


Torty Hutton


I have just shared the most transformational time of my life with Katina on a spiritual retreat in Mykonos, Greece. With heartfelt gratitude and thanks to you Katina and all the souls who were with me on this week’s journey. I will be eternally grateful for all the healing treatments, the astrological workshops, yoga and the powerful discussion that took place. It was an incredible journey Katina and I will be forever grateful to you and your energies. You have taught me so much and are a true healer. Anyone who is lucky enough to meet you and heal alongside you is truly very lucky 🙏I am now back at home in the UK with my precious crystal babies following my new path that is no longer being suppressed. With love and thanks, Torty July 2019


Seifeldin Altaranissi


I met Katina while on vacation in Mykonos, Greece and it felt like I've known her forever. She's such a caring and talented healer. I had no experience with healings before and did not know what to expect, but I was in really good hands. The whole experience was very relaxing and spiritual, I could feel the energy vibrating through me the entire time, and all my worries and negative thoughts started slowly fading away. I highly recommend this kind of healing therapy, which leaves you at peace and wanting more. Thank you so much Katina for everything!! Aug 2019


Anastasia Liberos


Katina is a highly spiritual soul and so considerate of others. Naturaly a patient, giving and nurturing teacher, I was able to learn so much from her. Reiki treatments were deeply relaxing and powerfully healing as I could feel immediate shifts and results from them, as well as so calming and peaceful! Thank you for the reiki healings, for your teachings during our quality time in Mykonos together during dinners & walks and for the chance to connect and bond with such lovely people on the retreat. (All so special). Such a spiritual, uplifting & enlightening journey! I learnt more about myself & direction in life than I honestly thought I would and in a short space of time! So grateful. Thank you. Aug 2019